Инструкция lucent 6416d m

инструкция lucent 6416d m
Answer a phone call by lifting the handset or pressing «Spkr.» Adjust the call volume by pressing the up/down keys. Once you have gotten through to the next person, press «Conf» again to connect the calls. You can enter up to five characters for each label.

EncorePro 510/520An all-new generation of headsets for customer service centers and offices, designed for the future, and built on experience. Connect the phone line to the socket in the wall and pick up the phone to check you have a dial tone. Press the key under «Program» on the telephone’s display screen. Select «Menu,» press «Program» and push «Exit» to exit programming mode once you’ve completed all your programming.

EncorePro 710/720 The highest performance headsets for highest performing employees deliver award-winning design, luxurious comfort, and a premium look and feel. The time must be set in a 24-hour format, like military time. If you want to set the time for 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon, you would enter 14:00 hours.StepPush the «#» button. The display screen will prompt you to press a button to program the numbers.StepPress the key under «AD» to program. If the «AD» selection does not appear on the display screen, push «Menu» and «Next» to find the «AD» selection.

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