Инструкция для hitachi starboard fx

инструкция для hitachi starboard fx
Furthermore, this step should be performed by at least two people. Manual Creation Dates June 2007, 1st Edition FXD-EU070621 All Right Reserved, Copyright(c)2007, Hitachi Software Engineering Co.,Ltd. Page 31 StarBoard FX-79E1/89WE1 How to use CAUTION Do not strike the board forcefully with the stylus pen, bend it, or apply an excessive load to it.

When you release the tip of the electronic pen from the board, the writing is complete. Installation by means not suited to the wall material in question may result in the board falling. Failure to comply may result in damage on the board surface. P.2-1 Use an input tool with a thickness of least 7 mm. The surface itself is not an active component and therefore needs the software to interact.

Page 23: Stand Setup Method StarBoard FX-79E1/89WE1 Introduction 1.4.2 Stand Setup Method Reconfirm that all the parts are present before assembling and setting up the stand (option). WARNINGS Tighten the screws securely. Other than the above Contact a support center. Improper work m ay result in death or personal injury due to the product falling during operation. After setting up the StarBoard, be sure to lock the casters.

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