Фотоаппарат кэнон sx10 is инструкция

фотоаппарат кэнон sx10 is инструкция
The LCD of the SX60 HS can flip forward to face your subject, providing easy selfies.Of course the star of the show is the giant 65x zoom lens, and Canon’s done a nice job of designing around such a huge zoom range. Стиральные машины Asko экономно расходуют энергию и воду, эффективно стирают и долговечны. Here are two shots of the same subject: one with i-Contrast disabled, the other with i-Contrast on its auto setting. i-Contrast Off i-Contrast Auto There is a bit more detail in the fountain with i-Contrast enabled, but not a dramatic amount. The camera user guide doesn’t specify, but the viewfinder appears to offer nearly 100 percent coverage as well. PERFORMANCEThe SX10 IS produced generally good results and is a pleasant camera to use.

There are two settings of brightness, neither of which can overcome the glare of direct sunlight on a bright day – the monitor is difficult to use for image composition or review under these conditions. Competitors in the class generally offer 2.7 or 3.0 inch monitors these days, which may put the SX10 at a bit of a disadvantage, but conversely, the articulating feature is something few competitors provide. With all the specialized scene shooting modes available on the SX10 IS, it can be tempting to simply dial up a mode fitting your subject and fire away. Серия «A4xx»[править | править вики-текст] Серия 100/200/3xx/4xx — камеры начального уровня, предоставляют минимум возможностей за минимальную цену.

Другие[править | править вики-текст] Canon анонсировал два фотоаппарата с индексами E и TX. PowerShot E1 ориентирован на покупателей женского пола и предлагается в трёх вариантах цветового оформления корпуса. Panning only stabilizes the effects of up and down movement, and there is no stabilization if the camera is shot in the vertical format. The final mode on the dial is that for capturing movie clips. Press the power button and the responsive SX10 IS primes itself for an initial shot in just over a second, the zoom barrel extending to maximum wideangle setting and the rear 230k-dot LCD, or 235k-dot EVF, bursting into life for composing the image. With everyone else coming in at f/4.5 or faster, the f/5.7 of the SX10 IS is giving up about two-thirds of a stop to the other brands, and over a stop to its S5 IS stable mate.

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