Инструкция работы клавиатуры к400r

инструкция работы клавиатуры к400r
See More + Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. blog comments powered by Disqus. The battery compartment also acts as a riser, tilting the keyboard slightly forward when it’s on a flat surface. You can also press the left mouse click button at the top-left of the keyboard to perform a click or comfortable two-handed navigation. Also included is a wireless extender, which probably won’t be necessary, unless you’re far, far away from the computer and using a really big screen. In my testing, just using just the standard dongle, the range was more than 60 feet, about double the 33-foot range claimed by Logitech.

Диска с фирменным программным обеспечением в коробке нет. For example for a German layout with no deadkeys one has to execute: $ setxkbmap -layout de -variant nodeadkeys To automate this process one could add this line to xinitrc or the according autostart file of your windows manager respectively desktop environment. The dongle can be stashed in the keyboard’s battery compartment, located underneath the keyboard, when not in use, and the K400r comes with two pre-installed AA batteries.

Ctrl-Z has saved our lives too many times to count, but there are plenty of other maneuvers out there to maximize your efficiency (and impress your coworkers as a tech robot wizard). Tech or not, the proper keyboard is, well, key. Below, you can see the dongle tucked into the battery compartment door. Logitech says the K400 works up to 33′ (10 m) away from the receiver, which matches my real-world impressions. Swiftly navigate with Ctrl-Tab and call it a day. 4. Print Screen (Screenshot) How many of us have had trouble describing a problem to tech support? Sleep, with an on-off button over «PC,» puts your computer to sleep. The K400’s plastic body keeps the weight low, but it’s also a little flimsy.

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