Инструкция для видеорегистратора атом 201

инструкция для видеорегистратора атом 201
Depending on the hardware you select, it can be configured as: 2 to 5-channel NVR for home and small office; 6 to 12-channel for large homes and medium sized offices / retail stores; Over 12-channels for large sites. VSS NVR can record data locally and to the cloud. This usually requires professional wiring. VSS NVR allows you to choose from many Wi-Fi IP cameras and PoE cameras, you can even use USB webcams. It makes wiring significantly easier. The event button configuration can be stored and loaded at any point during the inspection. Once the data is deleted, it cannot be recovered or restored, and the optical drive will not be able to read the disc.

The only difference is you can also enable local recording. The local retention days is set to the same as cloud retention days. In this configuration, if your local storage is full, the oldest files will be deleted first. You can also try the manufacturer’s software to search for the camera. This can reduce the amount of video uploaded and not use any network bandwidth when the camera is not uploading.

Lock by the Application. In this case, VSS will display the live view windows of your cameras in full screen. The client viewer has multi-channel playback for both video and photos. Цифровой микрофон Благодаря встроенному микрофону Transformer Book Trio можно использовать для голосового общения через интернет без покупки дополнительных устройств. Также с его помощью можно сохранять заметки, фотографии и аудиосообщения. The SD camera offers the benefit of having a wider field of view so can give an overview. It is useful to have the option of recording either or both cameras simultaneously.

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