Инструкция для umbraco

инструкция для umbraco
Сохраняем шаблон, возвращаемся на umbraco.local — и вуаля – наш текст теперь доступен пользователям. Начнем, пожалуй, с сильных сторон: 1) Это open-source. In yesterday’s blog post I boldly claimed that it’s «just as easy» to create a custom table for a counter. This is also why you sometimes see database upgrade errors when these migrations run, at some point the proper changes were not made to your database years ago, leading to wrong assumptions on our end and an inability to upgrade your database. Intuitive User InterfaceCreating responsive forms is as easy as editing content in Umbraco and it’s a seamlessly integrated experience. Well, this is kinda true, kinda not true. It’s really easy to go into your local SQL instance, create a table with two columns and use a bit of PetaPoco to insert or update it, this part is true.

Whatever your reasons are, make sure you’re upgrading for a good reason, and not just for the sake of it. Right click your umbraco database and choose «new query» Copy the contents of the createSQLServer.txt to the query window Execute the script If any errors are displayed, check your permissions. Depending on the size and complexity of the site, and how many versions you’re upgrading, it can be a hefty job.Upgrade, or Rebuild?

These «things» could be database tables, but you could also imagine that you might want to add a property to a document type, anything is possible. Sometimes, however, you may want a bit more control over the installation process like configuring IIS or SQL. In today’s guide, we’ll talk you through the whole process. Open a browser and type in the host name you created in IIS (this should be the name you set in the hostname in IIS), if nothing loads remember to set the host file! Migrations were introduced in version 6 of Umbraco to help us change database schema’s during an upgrade of Umbraco. Once done, you should hopefully have a working upgraded site. If you don’t, time to get all Sherlock Holmes and figure out what’s broken and why! If you’re doing it manually, you’re in for a bit more work.

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