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You can check if there are any ‘advisories’ and ask if this work has been done. Среди них были Mazda E-series, Ford Econovan, Mitsubishi Delica и Nissan Vanette. Australia In Australia, it was sold as the Mazda E-series and also as the Ford Econovan and Ford Spectron.

Введенный новый 1,8 бензиновым двигателем L8, большой центральной консоли ящик из-за этого с пониженной производительностью уголком и новых модельных кодексов SKP2T / SKP2L прикладной. 2011 E1800 (SKW0) для Новой Зеландии рынке прекращено. Mazda’s difficult management environment at that time meant they could not afford to build a full brand new platform. Его отличал расположенный сзади 4-тактный двигатель с водяным охлаждением, объемом 782 см³, с приводом на задние колёса. Also, as Bongos get older, rust may start to appear. And braking should also be smooth, with no judder from discs or vibration from the pedal. I’ve mentioned ‘overheating’ several times. Check for rust stains on metal pipe joints, the engine block, cylinder head — anywhere where water could squirt or drip from a leak. If you notice any, ask waht acused it and has it been fixed.
While the seats are up, check the condition of the cooling system hoses. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else so… 7 Mazda supplies only the best quality vehicles and this is yet another example from their impressive fleet. Click here for more details Here at the owners club we always advise prospective Bongo owners to buy from a recognised Bongo dealership.

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