Как посмотреть видео запись с dvr-401 light инструкция

как посмотреть видео запись с dvr-401 light инструкция
The SDE-4001 features an 8 channel DVR with a 1 TB hard drive. In the box, you will find 4 night vision waterproof cameras and 2 night vision water resistant dome cameras. The DVR also utilizes H.264 compression technology which allows you to record even longer. The SEB-1005R can detect and show objects as far as 50 feet even in complete darkness and the SED-1001R can record up to 30ft in complete darkness. All the information is listed under the video — that way you can read it & print it to take to the TV room.

The SEB-1005R can record up to 50ft in night time conditions and the SED-1001R can record up to 30ft. This includes power, so you have the freedom to place them anywhere; not worrying whether or not there is an outlet nearby. All you need for your security system is here! Программа vMeyeSuper HD для просмотра регистраторов через IPhone, IPad и устройствах на ОС Android. Learn the ins & outs of your Prism DVR. With parental controls you can lock shows and movies by rating, lock specific channels, and keep On Demand rentals from being purchased without your knowledge. Durable and Easy Setup Cameras The SEB-1005R are IP66 compliant which means that they are both waterproof and dust proof and can be placed inside or outdoors in the harshest conditions.

With SmartViewing, you can monitor an infinite number of systems spread out all over the world in one central location. With our Anytime Anywhere viewing, you can monitor your system on the go on your smartphone or on a PC. You can monitor your system from anywhere in the world. The SDE-4001N offers dependable security and features developed with your convenience in minds. Best Image Available Samsung security systems are known for their high quality recordings. The hard drive is dependable and provides a large capacity to store your video.

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