Инструкция sony hvr

инструкция sony hvr
This function is more effective for deep colors and less effective for light colors. Page 80 Press the MENU button t select the z Tips • You can focus more easily using this function in combination with the expanded focus function (p. 29). MARKER ON/OFF When you select [ON], you can display markers. Page 90: Others) Menu, Settings While Recording On A Tape Or Other Basic Settings (quick Rec/beep Press the MENU button t select the (MEMORY SET) with the SEL/ PUSH EXEC dial. REC FOLDER (Recording folder) You can select a folder in which you want to store still images. Item [MODE] [AUTO SET] [MANUAL SET]… Page 37 COLOR DEPTH To set the color depth for each color phase. Page 1 VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) -free vegetable oil based ink. Page 85 • Image may be distorted or time code may not be properly connected between the scenes recorded in the DVCAM mode and DV SP mode. DV WIDE REC You can record a movie in an aspect ratio that matches that of a TV that you want to connect.

Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Page 51 • You cannot play back movies recorded in HDV format on DVCAM (DV) format video cameras or mini DV players. • You can play back a DV format tape on your camcorder only when its contents are recorded in the SP mode. When using a highly sensitive microphone or recording loud sound, set this to the minus side.

Press the REC REVIEW button or the ASSIGN button to which [REC REVIEW] is assigned during standby. Turn the SEL/PUSH EXEC dial to select the speed you want. In manual you only have discrete shutter speeds to choose from as listed above. Page 118 Maintenance and precautions (Continued) Mini DVCAM and mini DV cassettes The recording format of the picture is defined according to the recorder’s format as described below. Page 45: Reviewing The Most Recently Recorded Scenes (rec Review) Reviewing the most recently recorded scenes (Rec review) You can view about 2 seconds of the scene recorded just before you stopped the tape. Page 77 • Set [INPUT TRIM] to [0dB] for the supplied microphone (ECM-XM1). • Set [INPUT TRIM] to [12dB] for the optional microphone (Sony ECM-NV1). • The INPUT TRIM function adjusts the input level from an external microphone. Slide and hold the EJECT lever in the direction of the arrow and open the lid.

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