Инструкция на русском языке digital scale professional mini

Perfect for those hunting moments when getting your target far outweighs the importance of remembering to turn on your video record. Каждая модель является тщательно спроектированным продуктом, в котором разработчики продумали все детали, и обладает отметками, свидетельствующими об оригинальности. Stills Any unused channel can also be used as a still buffer. Once your profile has been setup you are ready to activate the Shooting Solution on your sight. Movement between the tabs is carried out using the LEFT and RIGHT buttons . Each tab includes subcategories. To select a particular subcategory you should use the UP and DOWN buttons and press CENTER button . To change a particular value you should follow next few steps.

Recorded videos you can find in the Gallery on your device. Photo Modes Press the LEFT button while staying at Home Screen to TAKE A PHOTO. You must have a microSD card inserted in the device for these features to work. Remove the tail cap unscrewing it until it is free of the body.
With an array of hardware controls, MPK mini lets you record, compose, and perform with virtual instruments, effect plugins, and DAWs whenever inspiration strikes. You will need to scroll with UP and DOWN buttons to find the Shooting Solution bullseye icon and if it is off (indicated by a diagonal line running through the icon), you will need to turn it on by hitting CENTER button while having the icon selected. Switching between modes is done in the System Menu from Photo/Video tab, subcategory Photo Mode.Use UP or DOWN buttons to switch between modes. With three different versions available, you can select the version that best fits your patients’ needs.

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