Webasto инструкция bmw e60

webasto инструкция bmw e60
Long-Wheelbase models were 140mm (5.5 in) longer compared to the normal E65 7 Series models. BMW High Security 7 Series (E67)[edit] BMW E67 The BMW High Security 7 Series was the high security version of the BMW E65 7 Series. The first introduction of the dedicated ‘Body-Controller Area Network’ K-CAN bus system operating at 100kbit/s, This replaced the slower (9.6kbit/s) I,K and P-Busses used on previous vehicles. Aside from the BMW Alpina Z8, the Alpina B7 was the only car offered in the USA and in North America at the time. Updated iDrive controller featuring a leather top, menu as well as customization buttons. LCI iDrive showing service items. LCI iDrive showing climate menu. LCI iDrive showing settings menu.

Radar based Active Cruise Control (ACC), though this was available in some markets on the previous 7-series (E38). iDrive[edit] The BMW E65 7 Series introduced the iDrive control concept. Phone pad, radio, AC panel and storage trays visible. The system started a trend and today most car manufacturers offer in-car systems built around a central control knob (Audi Multi Media Interface, Mercedes-Benz Comand APS etc.), an idea first brought to consumers by BMW in the E65 7 Series. Примечательно, что данные тормозные системы устанавливались только на автомобили для рынка Германии и Австрии. Распаковать и пользоваться.Ссылка скачивание (12 МВ).11) Руководство органов управления и эксплуатации BMW e39.Руководство на русском языке.Книга в отсканированном варианте, в формате .pdf, разбита на 6 частей. Equipment[edit] Depending on the country of sale the E65 7 Series came with a variety of Standard Equipment.

В этой статье не хватает ссылок на источники информации. Although it may appear similar in function to the CCC iDrive (introduced in the BMW E60 5 Series and BMW E63/64 6 Series), the iDrive system in the E65/66 is unique to only that model. Seating options ranged between basic, sport and comfort seats. Кузовные ателье помимо седанов выпускали лимузины, а также универсалы. The indicators on a Pre-LCI E65 7 Series are yellow in order to meet the safety requirements in certain countries. The attached pages show the correct rear fuse panels.Applies to: BMW 5 Series E60 models (2004-2010)Click here to view/download updated page — PDF Related Technical ManualsTechnical Discussion Forums.

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