Pos терминал verifone инструкция

Enter the tip amount, press [Enter] and you’ll be done. Manual Settlement – if your terminal is set to manually settle, press the [F3] key to select Settlement from the main menu, and then follow the prompts. Ingenico through a number of acquisitions would dominate the European market for payment terminals. Most newer models not only process credit and debit cards but can also handle gift cards, cheques, and so on.

Tap (optional) – if the customer has a contactless payment instrument, such as a contactless card or a mobile wallet on a smart phone, then they should tap or wave it directly over the terminal’s display screen. There are various types of terminals available to merchants, although most have the same basic purpose and functions. Payment Processing Methods: Insert — if the customer has an EMV chip card, and your terminal is enabled to accept EMV transactions, then the customer should insert their card into the terminal’s chip card slot, which is on the front of the terminal, beneath the colored keys. Manual Entry – you can key the card number into the machine in the event that the card or terminal does not accept the other transmission methods, however, this could cause the transaction to downgrade and incur a higher interchange fee. Your Verifone terminal uses a Terminal Capture System (TCS), meaning it stores transactions throughout the day and sends batch totals of sales and refunds to Chase after the close of business. The majority of card terminals transmit data over a standard telephone line or a wired or wireless Internet connection.
Make sure that the paper roll is loaded so that the paper feeds from the bottom of the roll. Because of Verifone’s already firm place in the payment processing industry when Lipman was established, Lipman targeted an untapped niche in the processing industry. PCCharge is card acceptance software improving business performance, making it easy to accept all payment types, including credit, debit, EBT, checks, stored value/loyalty, purchasing cards (Level ll), Interac and others. Running these terminal reports does not settle your batch or in any way alter the transactions that have been processed. The information in the Totals Report can be used to make sure your terminal totals are balancing with your registers. To access reports, press the purple hot key furthest to the right to view the Reports menu.

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