Инструкция anschutz 1516 кал 22 wmr

инструкция anschutz 1516 кал 22 wmr
Really great gun for a target shooter who likes the old wood and steel aesthetic of match guns or for a col. Replacement BoltsWe will be receiving the new shipment of bolts at the end of April. Соответственные изменения внесены и в конструкцию открытого прицела. This kit now contains the new cross pin and e-clips.Note — these only fit on .22lr rifles. This is an Anschutz barreled action with a Custom made Cooper gunstock.

Возможно, именно потому тестируемая винтовка показала весьма посредственные результаты по кучности боя. For trigger replacement, we charge $15 plus shipping. Question: Does ANSCHÜTZ give information on the production year of firearms?

Trigger Manuals DownloadHere is a selection of manuals which describe the trigger and all the adjustments. The sliding safety catch on the right… Match 64: 1516 D HB Classic .22 WMR Luxus repeater of the series 1516:The models of the series 1516 in cal. .22 Win. Downloads Please find here spare part lists and exploded drawings of our current and previous products or use our search function.We cannot guarantee the availability of spare parts of our previous products. …Click for more info Seller: Painter Area Code: 734 $4295 SOLD PENDING FUNDS TO ROBERT IN CALIFORNIA! Here is a very nice Anschutz 1517 in 17hmr with a sporter weight barrel. Call us at 205-655-7500 or 205-655-7502 Additional PartsWe just received a new shipment of parts for our inventory.

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