Панасоник dmc-tz10 инструкция

панасоник dmc-tz10 инструкция
Единственное различие нижней части новой камеры и аппарата предыдущего поколения заключается в том, что теперь на крышке батарейного отсека появилась специальная задвижка, открывающая «окошко» для внешнего адаптера питания. Да, питание камеры TZ10 можно обеспечивать не только от аккумулятора. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 / ZS7 lens and stabilisation The large optical zoom range remains the key selling point of the camera, packing super-zoom coverage into a pocketable compact. Intelligent Auto on the Lumix TZ10 / ZS7 combines Panasonic’s latest technologies to deliver a pretty foolproof experience. Since the ZS7 has a lot in common with its predecessor, portions of the DMC-ZS3 review will be reused here. The latest in the popular TZ7, TZ5, TZ3 series, it also gains the company’s ‘Power O.I.S’ image stabilization system, claimed to be twice as effective as on the old model. With this new model though, Panasonic has updated the stabilisation from Mega OIS to Power OIS, claiming nearly double the compensation of the previous system.

This information can subsequently be read by mapping software on your computer to show exactly where and when your photos were taken – and the clock is also automatically updated by GPS to the local time, regardless of where you travel to. Canon’s recent compacts equipped with DIGIC 4 processors out-gadget these facilities though with customisable self-timer and face timer modes, the latter cleverly exploiting face detection to wait for a new person to enter the frame before starting the countdown. Continuing to push the boundaries and providing consumers with additional features to be proud of, such as GPS and manual control, users will be finding more reasons to go on holiday to enjoy the new model than ever before.

The DMC-TZ7’s E.Zoom button, which allows you to zoom to the full telephoto focal length at a much faster speed than normal, has unfortunately bitten the dust to make way for the one-touch movie record button. Sadly there’s no support for the RAW file format, which would really have been the icing on the cake for serious photographers looking for a backup-pocket camera to their DSLR. Front Rear The DMC-TZ10 also features Panasonic’s now well-established Intelligent Auto Mode. STEP 2. Download the updated version of the firmware with the following procedures, and self-extract it. Motion JPEG ‘MOV’ files may be found alongside your still photos in the DCIM folder, but the AVCHD ‘MTS’ files are buried away in various nested folders which start with one unhelpfully labelled PRIVATE on your card. Insert the fully charged battery to the body.If the battery is not full, the Fig.3 will not appear. The DMC-TZ10 joins the handful of Panasonic compacts to offer advanced controls over exposure, with full manual (M), aperture-priority (A) and shutter-priority (S) modes on offer, which will instantly appeal to the more experienced photographer.

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