Microsoft query инструкция

For more information about reports, see Report View in Power BI Desktop. Feel free to check out that page, or keep going in this document to see what you would do next. You can choose between: Ignore changes (default) : The sensor takes no action on change. The script will be executed with every scanning interval. That is, 10 sorts before 2. USE AdventureWorks2012; GO SELECT ProductID, Name FROM Production.Product WHERE Name LIKE ‘Lock Washer%’ ORDER BY Name ASC ; C. Specifying both ascending and descending order The following example orders the result set by two columns.

You can use CONTAINSTABLE to search for words or phrases and specify a weighting value. User configured manual or scheduled refresh – This means you can manually refresh a dataset by using Refresh Now or setup a refresh schedule by using Schedule Refresh in a dataset’s settings. Уровни конфиденциальности Уровни конфиденциальности задают уровень изоляции, который определяет степень изоляции источника данных от других источников. However, all nodes in the same column do not necessarily have the same parent.

Select the dataset, and in the right pane you’ll see a collection of options for that dataset. Note: When you configure a time for scheduled refresh, there can be a delay of up to one hour before it begins. When you use CONTAINS or FREETEXT, you can specify either a single column, a list of columns, or all columns in the table to be searched. While you can configure different schedule refresh settings and manually refresh, you probably don’t need to.

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