Инструкция apexi v-afc2

инструкция apexi v-afc2
Уже начал подумывать не купить ли опять седан – глядел Мерседесы Ешки. На рынке парочку осмотрел – посидел. Have a passenger ride along to safely monitor the air-to-fuel ratio meter while you operate the vehicle. You were just flowing more air through the MAS than the ECU was programmed to deal with.

Потом проехался на Альфарде (3 литра ТЕМСподвеска). Осталось впечатление как яхты на волнах – болтает аж страшно стало. One use is to cut out the restrictions in the lower half of the MAS (leaner) and then use the AFC to richen things back up. The next solution is to get the Fuel Cut removed from the ECU altogether via someone like Keydiver.

The trick is to find the lowest boost that still feels strong. Попросил коллег по работе во Владивостоке посмотреть авто. There are several possible solutions to fuel cut. Every engine requires a slightly different ratio to optimize performance.

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