Moodle ubuntu инструкция

moodle ubuntu инструкция
The newest version can also be viewed using RSS clients. Radicale Calendar Server Radicale is a simple-to-use CalDAV contact and calendar server. You can now read the release notes, or hit the Continue button to start. The PG system sends mail to report answers to questionnaires and free-response problems. Now test your server by connecting to » » and/or connecting to your server from a browser on a remote machine (» «). You should see the Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page indicating that lighttp is running. Moodle-учебник для начинающих Перейти к основному содержанию Учебник по работе с системой дистанционного обучения Moodle.

First we have to install the Synaptic Package Manager $ sudo apt-get install synaptic [sudo] password for wwadmin: Just hit to accept the defaults. Hopefully you remember your MySQL superuser that you set at the time of LAMP (or MySQL) installation. Note that the settings in course.conf override the settings in site.conf, default.conf and localOverrides.conf so if in addition you want e.g. the WeBWorK administrators to receive copies, you have to add them as well. Step 6 — Testing Your VPN Connection Once everything is installed, a simple check confirms everything is working properly. This is very fast and convenient and it also leads to fewer typing errors.

After executing a command, often the system will respond with text (sometimes a lot of text!) which we will usually not repeat below. We only give the commands that you should execute. Since we have a working WeBWorK system, first we make a backup copy of localOverrides.conf. $ cd /opt/webwork/webwork2/conf $ cp localOverrides.conf localOverrides.conf.bak1 $ gedit localOverrides.conf Now edit localOverrides.conf. Place the installation CD in your DVD/CD drive and reboot your computer from the DVD drive. Note: Kolab uses its own server components, and it is best to run Kolab on a dedicated server.

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