Инструкция fisher rc4 z13 видео

After adjusting we are looking for half of the dashes to be within the binding and half exposed. You will notice that once you have lifted the tab there is two sets of holes in linear fashion that run down the track. Grab a ski pole and put on your ski boots.

The one thing that I want you to take away from this blog is knowing what it means to have your forward pressure set properly. Warranty One Year Skill Range Model Year 2017 Model Number T00616-OS Product ID 429557 Questions & Answers You are eligible for a bonus product. Артикул: A03115 Горные лыжи Fischer RC4 WORLDCUP GS Masters-A03413|A03513 . Горные лыжи Fischer RC4 WORLDCUP GS MastersРадиус 23м (183), Радиус 25м (188) Mодель для соревнований слалома–гиганта FIS Masters. Not every binding is the same, even within the Alpine class. First disengage your boot so your binding is free and becomes workable.
Nordic ski bindings attach only at the front of the foot, leaving the heel free and detached from the ski. If you’ve adjusted the bindings correctly you should be able to move easily and feel like you have adequate control over the skis. But a telemark ski is still designed for skiing down steeper and more aggressive slopes. 3 Consult a professional. Position the boots in the bindings toe-first, using your heel to lock the binding in place.

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