Flat tv philips pdp s42sd yd07 инструкция

How to Activate SDM Use one of the following methods: • Use the standard RC-transmitter and key in the code “062596”, directly followed by the “MENU” button. Cause: The SUPPLY-FAULT line stays «low” even though the +3V3 and +1 V2 is available. The Stand-by Processor is detecting that and switches all supply voltages «OFF». 1 . Check the drop voltage across resistor 3U22 (this could be too high) 2. Check if the +1 V2 or +3V3 are higher than their normal values. Here the module that generates the error is displayed. If there are multiple errors in the buffer, which are not all generated by a single module, there is probably another defect. It will then display the message “UNKNOWN” here. • Reset Error Buffer. Possible values are “Stereo”, ’’Mono”, “Mono selected”, “Analog In: No Dig. Same values can be shown as for “TV RATINGS LOCK”. — 4.9. V-Chip Movie Status: Indicates the setting of the V-chip as applied by the selected TV channel.

After activating SAM with this method a service warning will appear on the screen, you can continue by pressing the red button on the RC. Contents of SAM: • Hardware Info. — A. VIPER SW Version. Thus to determine if LVDS, RGB, and sync signals are okay. This error will also be logged when the NVM gives no acknowledge on the l 2 C bus (see error 44). Note that if the 12 V supply is missing (connector 1M46 on the SSB), the DC/DC supply on the SSB will not work.
When you have restarted the TV via the SDM shortcut pins, and then pressed «CH+» on your remote control, the TV will go to protection again, and the front LED blink at 3 Hz again. Figures below are taken from the 32PFL7332D/37 model, and can deviate from the actual situation, due to the different set executions. Safety regulations require that after a repair, the set must be returned in its original condition.

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