Bios сервера инструкция

bios сервера инструкция
Current IPv6 State (R/O) Enabled/Disabled Enabled Current IPv6 state is displayed. Target Name NA NA The worldwide unique name of the target. The PBA number is a nine digit number that is the last part of the adapter board serial number. After finishing this procedure, the PXE server is ready to start the network installation. The following sections describe the BIOS Advanced menu options. BIOS Advanced Menu Processor Configuration Options The following table lists the BIOS Advanced Menu Processor Configuration options. Initiator Subnet Mask NA Use to set initiator subnet mask IP address in dotted-decimal notation.

Mark: Parity bit is always 1. Space: Parity bit is always 0. Mark and Space parity do not allow for error detection. Adapter PBA (R/O) NA NA Product board adapter (PBA) number. Table 31 BIOS Advanced Menu Trusted Computing Options TPM Support Disabled/Enabled Disabled Enable or disable Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support. The secret length range is 12 to 16 bytes. This way, all systems configured to do so will boot using an image provided by this server and start the installation program automatically. Use the down and up arrow keys to navigate the submenus.

Wake on LAN Disable/Enabled NA Enable or disable wake on LAN. Note — This option is not supported. Console Redirection Disabled/Enabled Enabled Enable or disable console redirection. Commit Commit the current BMC LAN information. IPv6 Configuration Current configuration of the IPv6 settings is displayed. IPv6 addresses are written with hexadecimal digits and colon separators. Connection Retry Count 0 to 16 0 The count range is 0 to 16. If set to 0, there are no retries. When sending data, if the receiving buffers are full, a ‘stop’ signal can be sent to stop the data flow. This will become important further in the procedure.

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