Установка graco инструкция

установка graco инструкция
However, it takes me at least 5 minutes to tighten his straps. I’m not sure if I got a faulty seat or what. Look in the airbag, child restraint, and seatbelt sections. From the side of the seat, grasp the seat at the belt path. Forward-facing, you can use recline positions 4-6, although position 4 (the most reclined of the forward-facing positions) must be used for children under 40 lbs. In position 4, the seat is quite reclined. Manufacturers place an expiration date on carseats because plastic does go bad. For the very tall lightweight kids, it may be possible to outgrow this seat forward facing first (though not much longer after that rear facing).Forward facing, the six year old doll did not have much growing room.

When to Use Can be used from about 20-80 lbs.; belt positioning boosters have higher minimum weights. A combination seat has a 5-point harness that can be used to 40 lbs. or higher, then converts to a belt positioning booster by removing the harness. Get the seat belt as tight as you can, then unbuckle it. Размеры кронштейна для настенного монтажа показаны на странице 29. 4. Прикрепите скобу к стене. Belt positioning boosters should fit the shape of the vehicle seat so that the booster sits flat. You can machine-wash the cover in cold water on the gentle cycle, then hang to dry. It converts to a backless REALLY easily.

Thread the vehicle’s seat belt through the correct belt path on the carseat and buckle it. Check the label on your vehicle’s seat belt to learn how to lock it. Great feature that this converts to backed booster and backless booster!

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