Инструкция по установить принтер hp laserjet m1132 mfp

инструкция по установить принтер hp laserjet m1132 mfp
Fixed an issue in hp-check that caused a traceback if ‘/etc/sane.d/dll.conf’ is missing Added some more bug messages to hpaio. Removed extraneous syslog message during parallel port ProbeDevice (Debian request). Rewrite of toolbox refresh code. Release 2.8.6b replaces 2.8.6 and removes that code. Modified create_docs so that the download links are dynamically put onto the download page. Fixed an issue with dynamic counter parsing with the new xstrip() functions. Changed Output mode order (RGB, High Quality Gray, Black only). Correct paper names for 3.5x5in and Borderless 3.5x5in media sizes.

Fixed distros.dat to include python-qt4 dependency in SuSE11 Fixed defect (Photosmart D7100 series color calibration failure). No longer support color calibration for this printer as Windows Toolbox has no option for this. Changed xsane dependency detection so that it will work if X is not running. Moved code looking for PolicyKit in plugin installer to later so logging can be done.

Fix for defect (hp-makecopies -r isn’t reflected in reduction/enlargement spinbox). Changed setValue call to be made on correct widget. Fixed defect (Traceback display in terminal when running «hp-systray» in IGOS 1.0 OS) Fixed defect (Traceback display in terminal when run «hp-levels» with option «—size» is a character (non-numeric)). Made the hp backend loop on known errors only. Внимание! В некоторых случаях (например, для принтера HP LaserJet 1018) рекомендуется отключать Двунаправленный режим обмена. На этом настройка интернет-центра по подключению USB-принтера завершена. Made fix to getEWSUrl to do mDNS lookup for mDNS configured printers.

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